Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion is an annual event held by the chapter to celebrate Black STEM achievements and our organization members talents. It is held every fall near the end of class and is a way for the chapter to unwind and have fun before finals. It is also a time to meet up and hang out with the other NSBE chapters in the area.

Heat Exchange

Heat exchange is BES annual cookout held at the end of each spring semester. It is a time to meet up with other chapters in the DMV area as well as mingle with the chapter here at Maryland. Heat Exchange is always a lot of fun with good music, good food, and great people.

Annual Convention

Every year NSBE hosts an annual convention where NSBE chapters from all over the world come for professional development, networking, and to get internships. There are 100’s of companies looking for minority S.T.E.M majors to work for their companies. There are also speakers, workshops, and much more! It is truly an amazing opportunity and every members should go at least once!

Black Hack

Black Hack is an event unique to BES meant to expose members to concepts of computer science and programming. Black Hack events consist of tutoring sessions, group projects, presentations about software development, and technical interview practice. These various activities give students the opportunity to explore programming beyond the scope of the classroom. With a range of student experience levels, collaboration is strongly encouraged to promote community and teamwork.

Clark School Initiative

Stuck in Letters and Sciences and want to transfer into the engineering school? Clark School Initiative serves as a program to help students transfer into the engineering school. There are upperclassmen available to you give you advice and resources to ensure you transfer into the engineering school successfully. We work closely with the Center of Minorities and Engineering (CMSE) to provide you with the best possible advantage to transfer into the school.

Flight School

Flight school is a program meant to prepare students for the Boeing Flight Competition at Nationals. This competition is meant to test the students understanding of aerodynamics as well as their presentation skills. Teams compete with chapters all over the country. The goal is to make a balsa wood glider that goes the farthest and create a presentation that impresses the judges who are all employee’s of Boeing. For more information about the competition and guidelines, please visit this link.

Fantasy League

Fantasy League is the primary retention program BES uses to encourage involvement and community within the organization. Near the beginning of the semester, teams are formed and compete with each other for prizes and bragging rights. Teams gain points by earning good grades, attending events, and submitting exams to the test bank among other things. At the end of the year, the winning team gets a prize!